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Actuator systems

Proportional and control solenoids for hydraulics are pressure-tight single acting solenoids for actuating directional control valves. The device consists of an excitation and an actuation system, fastened together by a central coil. The plunger space is pressure-tight up to 400 bar. The separation of the excitation system and the actuator tube means that, following a modular principle, numerous flexible solutions can be constructed and easily assembled using only a few components. Economical methods of production and our very flexible range of types make us a partner for actuator systems in ever more dynamic markets.

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Valve solenoid kit – Modular 1.0

The modular actuation system is a constantly expanding kit consisting of a magnetic pressure pipe, field coil and connector socket. The components can be assembled to form a system.

Specially designed for the wide variety of customised requirements, this system offers a cost-effective range of versions based on recognised standards. The fi rst version, Modular 1.0, is particularly useful for small and medium batch sizes, which are typically used for customised solutions.

Technical data: pdf Valve solenoid kit


COMPACT 14 solenoid – wet pin

The wet-pin solenoid COMPACT 14 features an unusually compact structure in proportion to its power. The diameter of the 29 mm excitation coil is hardly larger than the connecting flange with its M14x1 thread and spanner size 24.

Technical data: pdf Compact 14 solenoid


Application: Hydraulics/fluid
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