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Solenoids - Single-acting solenoid

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Solenoids are designed to work in either a drawing or pushing fashion. Return is usually carried out by external forces. We have the right solution for you for all kinds of applications. Careful design, precise manufacture and the use of maintenance-free precision bearings ensure that our solenoids have maximum reliability and a long operating life, even in extreme environments.

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Solenoid – guided axis

The term lifting cylinder ma y not be correct, however it does describe the area of application of this solenoid both simply and suitably.
Wherever a pneumatic cylinder is too expensive and too technically demanding, this very compact solenoid is used.

Technical data:pdfSolenoid guided axis


65’s Solenoid

High performance solenoid – thrust type
The force-current characteristics have enormous force capabilities and can be adapted to customer-specific demands.
The axis is workable as a valve plunger or an M8 thread axis.
Applications including water valves, water hydraulics, high pressure valves or other mechanical tasks with high power requirements.

Technical data:pdf65’s Solenoid


Applications: Electromechanics
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