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Schienle Magnettechnik + Elektronik GmbH is a HAWE Hydraulik SE company, and an established international supplier of professional, robust linear drive solutions.



In our three core segments:

+ Components
+ Explosion protection
+ System solutions

we are well positioned for our customers, who operate internationally.


“Our worldwide experience in international explosion protection is recognised in the industry, and is treasured by our customers. The name Schienle Magnettechnik is just as well-known to Chinese manufacturers of construction machinery as it is to European or US companies.”

Thomas Roth, head of sales and marketing


As well as base certification to DIN ISO 9001:2015, Schienle is also subjected to the following international monitoring audits:

+ FM approval USA/CDN
+ MA Chinese Mining

“As a proven specialist in explosion protection products, even the highest demands in respect of quality, reliability and traceability are a matter of course for us. This applies to our complete product range.”

Jürgen Malz, head of manufacturing


Together with our partners, we develop and certify innovative customer-specific electromagnet solutions. Thanks to decades of experience and standardised workflows, Schienle is able to fulfil orders of any size, and on schedule.

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We consistently manufacture with a high level of vertical integration and using a common part construction approach. The secret of our success lies in our highly qualified expert personnel, modern machinery and lean processes. The result is the maximum degree of efficiency and flexibility – for economical premium solutions.


For small batches we use flexible assembly islands based on the kanban principle. For larger series we use efficient assembly lines.

Before delivery, every single one of our products passes through fully or partially automated test benches, as appropriate. And afterwards, the test results are precisely documented.

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