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Schienle system solutions

Combine our detailed knowledge of – and experience with – linear drive technology with your application knowledge. Teamwork among partners as the key to success.


The specialist disciplines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology are all blending together.

When designing and manufacturing industrial products, close cooperation between the disciplines involved is a prerequisite for later success.

Smart products offer solutions far beyond the proverbial ‘box’. In our case, even for use in potentially explosive environments.

Concept and development

Working together with you, we will determine your solution concept and produce prototypes for you.

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Serial production

Even during the prototype stage, our specialists work closely with our manufacturing and assembly teams.

Testing and documentation

Serial tests occur, under conditions agreed based on your requirements.

Our digital shadow concept opens up for both us and you the opportunity to optimise follow-on processes on the basis of the data collected, and also to tap into further application opportunities over the course of the product life cycle.

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Examples of successful system solutions:

The new PMC Servi-Hawe PSL(F)/PSV(F) proportional valve with integrated digital electronic control is designed for operation in hazardous areas, and operates by Process Field Bus (PROFIBUS), analogue command or manual hand lever.

The system is specially designed for offshore and marine applications and is available in two sizes (size 3 and size 5), as well as for both manifold and valve bank design.

Features and benefits: ATEX equipment directive 94/9EC category 2/3, T4- Profibus DP with data rates up to 12 Mbaud (Autodetect),  Standard RS485 Profibus interface, Analogue command input: 4-20mA / 0-10V, Possible for controlling up to eight sub-modules, Manual override by hand lever, Ambient operating temperature: -40°C to 55°C- 24 VDC supply voltage, Protection class: IP 67

The proportional way valve blocks control hydro loads’ direction of movement and load-independent, continuous control of the movement speed. Multiple loads can be moved simultaneously and independently of each other, at different speeds and pressures, provided the total partial flow rates required are covered by the pump side total flow rate. The electrical connection between the valve segments occurs on the basis of internal cable connections (voltage supply and CAN bus).

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