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Custom Solutions for Electromagnetic Actuators and Sensors – Tailored Expertise at Schienle Magnettechnik

Welcome to Schienle Magnettechnik, your reliable partner for custom solutions in electromagnetic actuators and sensors. For many years, we have been offering our customers tailor-made solutions that are precisely adapted to their individual requirements.

Inductive vibration sensor ATEX

Converts mechanical vibrations into electrical signals.

Valve Solenoid On/Off Robust 37

pressure-resistant magnet size 37

Solenoid – guided axis

The solenoid size 37

HLA DC holding magnet

Holding Magnets are pot magnets and consist of a magnet housing and a DC excited coil.

Our custom solutions enable you to get the most out of your applications.
Whether you need special valve magnets, holding-lift systems, or assemblies, or if you require precise sensors – we develop and manufacture these components according to your exact specifications and requirements.

The advantage of our custom solutions lies in their individual adaptation. By working closely with our customers, we understand their specific needs and can optimize the actuators and sensors accordingly. This leads to increased performance, improved precision, and higher reliability of your systems.

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Our tailor-made solutions also offer you the opportunity to precisely adjust the dimensions, operating parameters, and interfaces to your application. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and design the components accordingly. Whether it’s specific values, step sizes, linear movements, or sensitivities – we develop systems and magnets that perfectly match your individual needs.

You will find our custom solutions in a wide range of applications.
Whether in automation technology, mechanical engineering, medical technology, energy technology, hydraulic or pneumatic applications, or other industries – our components offer you the assurance of a reliable and tailor-made solution.

Our experienced team of engineers and technicians is at your disposal to discuss your individual requirements and develop innovative solutions. With our technical expertise and extensive know-how, we use the latest technologies and production processes to deliver the best possible results to you.

At Schienle Magnettechnik, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We place great emphasis on quality, precision, and reliability in the development and manufacturing of our custom solutions. We are proud of our long-standing experience and our successful projects with satisfied customers worldwide.

Trust Schienle Magnettechnik for custom solutions in electromagnetic actuators and sensors. We are your partner in developing and manufacturing high-quality, tailor-made components. Contact us today.