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Twin solenoid Size 1

Twin valve control solenoid for hydraulic valves – Size 1

Twin valve control solenoids combine two separately controllable pressure-resistant single-stroke linear solenoids in a common enclosure. They are used for actuating valves (mostly pilot valves) and are characterised by their extremely compact construction.

The solid housing, which is affixed to the valve with three screws, holds the pressure-resistant armature tube and permits operating pressure of 50 bar.

Optionally available with manual emergency override and the widest variety of connector sockets (AMP, German, DIN, Schlemmer etc), it is one of the products we offer in the greatest number of variants.

  • Electrical design: Construction type and inspection in accordance with VDE 0580
  • Electrical connection: DIN EN 175301-803 Form ‘A’
  • Protection class IP65 in accordance with DIN VDE 0470EN 60529 when used with an appliance socket that complies with DIN 43640