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The classic electromagnet comprises a coil, armature, housing and electrical connection. In the case of pressure-tight valve solenoids, the armature is fed into a pipe that is supplied with system pressure.

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All manufacturing and development processes required to manufacture such components take place on our own premises. We place great importance on vertical integration, in order to offer you that flexibility and dynamism you need for customer-specific adaptions in your particular market setting. This dynamism is our added value for you.

Our competencies

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Our machine park for manufacturing housing features high quality, efficient systems from Makino-Traub, Index and Miyano, among others.

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Our kanban-clocked coil winding facility features Meteor winding machines

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Komp. Druckrohrfertigung

Our high-pressure pipes are welded using an automated MAG procedure, before undergoing automated finishing on machines made by EMAG or Miyano, for example.

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Depending on the quantity, the parts for electromagnetic components are assembled on assembly islands or assembly lines.

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None of our products leave our factory without being subjected to a documented functional test. Our digital shadow concept grants the customer access to the test parameters jointly determined for their order. If required, data assignable to every single product can be made available.