The single and double-acting linear solenoids in the SLA series are devices with high performance capability. Thanks to their horizontal characteristic, high tractive or compressive force is available over the entire course of the stroke.


The high quality armature bearing at both sides is maintenance-free and low-wear. High output densities, compact dimensions, low power consumption during even the most intensive strokes, short switch times and sturdy construction are typical of our linear solenoids.

Our linear solenoids are used in the food, building technology and automation sectors, among others.

All products are manufactured and tested in accordance with DIN VDE 0580/07.2000.

The magnetic forces stated are achieved at 90% of the nominal voltage and at operational temperature.

Variants: Stroke ranges from 3mm to 20mm, forces of 6 to 300 N

Voltages of 12 to 205 VDC

Our range in the area mechanical applications:

Linear solenoids


Customer-specific solutions


On the basis of our many years’ experience in the field of explosion-proof electromagnets, our customers rely on that particular ‘Schienle quality standard’, and integrate our hydraulic solenoid solutions into what are often the most decidedly demanding applications.

With a wide range of standardised drive solutions, we have the appropriate product for any conceivable requirement.

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We produce specific solutions according to clients’ individual needs and requirements.