Implementing regulation CNCA-C23-01:2019 overturns the current exemption clause which exempts products with Ex certification from the need for a CCC (China Compulsory Certification).


Products for use in hazardous locations are currently classified in 17 categories, and with effect from 1 October 2020, the following Ex products are subject to compulsory CCC certification:

  • Ex motors
  • Ex pumps
  • Ex power distribution devices
  • Ex switches, control and protective device
  • Ex starters
  • Ex transformers
  • Ex actuators, valves
  • Ex plugs and sockets
  • Ex monitoring devices
  • Ex communication, signal devices
  • Ex air conditioning, ventilation system
  • Ex electrical heating devices
  • Ex accessories, Ex components
  • Ex instruments
  • Ex sensors
  • Safety barriers
  • Ex instrument cabinets


What does compulsory CCC certification for Ex Equipment in China mean, exactly?

From 1 October 2020, valve solenoids for use in the mining industry in China require a CCC certificate in addition to existing MA approval.

In industries other than mining, valve solenoids for use in hazardous (classified) locations require CCC Ex approval. This can be obtained in a three-stage process based on an existing ATEX or IECEx certificate.


The individual stages of the process:

Stage 1: Type test (Ex product assessment, tests and certification)
Stage 2: Initial inspection at the product manufacturer’s premises
Stage 3: Repeat audit (surveillance audits and reassessment audits)


The most important change:

The IECEx QAR (Quality Assessment Report) is not accepted as proof for the CCC quality monitoring procedure, and the CCC surveillance and reassessment audit procedure does not correspond with that of the IECEx system. This means additional and increased effort and expense for the initial inspection and subsequent inspection.


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