Energy technology

In order to be able to cover the huge energy demand and to achieve the climate goals, alternative or regenerative energy sources are required.


Wind energy plays an important role in achieving these goals. The stress on the components in wind turbines is very high. It requires optimal lubrication for the drive units as well as smooth adjustment and braking of the rotor blades. In solar power plants, the sun mirrors have to be readjusted.

That’s why our compact, robust and powerful electromagnets and actuators are used in the corresponding components. If you have a corresponding task for your application, we will be happy to help you and can offer you a solid, cost-effective solution.

Fields of application

Directional seated valve

Wegesitzventil abbildung

Directional seated valves belong to the group of directional valves. They use this to control the movement of the actuators in a hydraulic system.


Highest power density with compact dimensions with high actuation force over a stroke of 6 mm. With and without manual override.

High actuating force with a small design. Powerful over 4 mm stroke with manual override.

Hydraulic unit

Hydraulik Aggregat Abbildung

You can choose from compact units, standard hydraulic units and add-on valves.

Proportional Steuermagnet

Robust, durable electromagnet with pressure-resistant armature tube for operating pressure of 320 bar in different sizes 25/35/45/60. With integrated manual emergency switch. Pressure-tight anchor tube. Low hysteresis.


Robust design. Powerful characteristic over 12mm stroke. Mountable on both sides.

Other industries

For small series, flexible Kanban-controlled assembly islands are used – for larger series, efficient assembly lines.

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