Food and Packaging Industry

Electromagnets for the Highest Standards in the Food and Packaging Industry

In food production and processing, the highest hygiene requirements and process safety are essential. Electromagnets and sensors from Schienle Magnettechnik reliably perform their tasks even under difficult conditions.


In packaging machines, we hold and cut compostable films with clamping and powerful cutting magnets, our reversing lifting magnets portion cut goods in retail or measure the bulk goods to be filled in potentially explosive dusty atmospheres using a vibrating tachometer.

If you have a task for holding, fixing, moving, braking, locking, dosing or measuring for your construction, you will find an economical solution with us that is safe in explosive atmospheres.

Fields of application

Reliable Dosing Thanks to High-Quality Actuators

For precise portioning of food and additives, high-quality and precisely manufactured electromagnetic actuators or sensors are required. Our lifting magnets, for example, enable jerk-free and powerful linear movement for accurate dosing or positioning. Measuring sensors like our Vibrating Tachometer capture the amplitude at the vibration feeder to ensure a linear conveyance characteristic of the bulk material over the entire performance range.

Maschine verpackt

Products are packed in the packing machine.

Hubmagnet SLA 034E

Highest power density with compact dimensions. The perfect and economical replacement for underperforming frame magnets.


Highest power density with compact dimensions. Powerful over 20mm stroke. Mountable on both sides. Anchor interchangeable.

Cutting and Depositing with Reversible Lifting Magnets

In automatic slicing machines, the stacker function must be precisely synchronized with the cutting process.
The requirement for an electromagnet in such an application can be succinctly stated:
At the right time, in the right place – even after thousands of hours of operation.
Our reversible lifting magnets have proven themselves in this type of application for more than 20 years and are thus perfected for synchronous motion sequences.


Meat is cut on the cutting machine.


Double coil with separate winding Durable and robust design. High repeat accuracy. Very poor hysteresis. Hybrid Drive.-Brake Coil.

Baling Presses with Unlocking Magnets

Our unlocking magnets are the reliable driving force for automatic baling presses and guarantee safe and reliable processes.

Whether it’s empty containers or secondary packaging, baling presses reduce waste volume using hydraulic presses. The task of a locking mechanism is to securely lock the filling opening during compression, preventing the unwanted opening or movement of objects. This ensures the safety and integrity of the system and structure.

Exposed to the weather for years, our devices reliably maintain this safety-relevant function.


Vessels are filled and dosed accordingly.

EX IID Ex mb IIC T135° Db Permanent magnet axis is moved by vibration within a coil. The induction voltage generated in this way serves as a feedback signal for the dosing electronics.

Baling press

Ballenpresse HSM

Cardboard boxes are pressed into bales on the baling press.


Robust design. Powerful over 15mm stroke. Mountable on both sides. Anchor interchangeable. Very high holding power.

Customized Solutions from Schienle

Schienle Magnettechnik accompanies you from conception to realization with decades of expertise in magnet technology. Our comprehensive consulting and the development of tailor-made solutions are in line with high quality standards.

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Other industries

For small series, flexible Kanban-controlled assembly islands are used – for larger series, efficient assembly lines.

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