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You will also find Schienle Magnettechnik in the field of medical applications.

Meditintechnik titelblatt

smooth and even movements of the lifting column for operating tables are essential for precise operations as well as lifting, lowering or positioning a dentist’s chair. With our precise powerful actuators, we master these difficult tasks.

You are on the right track with Schienle Magnettechnik. Thanks to many years of experience, customer-specific requirements can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Fields of application

Lifting column unit for operating tables


smooth and even operation with the lifting column unit.


Highest power density with compact dimensions with high actuation force over a stroke of 6 mm. With and without manual override.

Hydraulic set for Floor lock system

Druckrohre Hydraulik

A very compact and reliable floor lock system for heavy, mobile equipment.

Polrohre vom nahem

with a pressure resistance of up to 320 bar as a miniature version. Powerful force path – optimized characteristics and costs.

Hydraulic set lifting power support rescue couch

Hydraulik Set Rettungsdienst

Hydraulics for lifting power support to further reduce the physical strain on rescue personnel when loading patients.


Highest power density with compact dimensions. Two separately controllable robust single lifting magnets. Optionally with manual emergency and various connection sockets.

Other industries

For small series, flexible Kanban-controlled assembly islands are used – for larger series, efficient assembly lines.

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