Mobile hydraulics

You will find our hydraulic magnets for electrically operated valve control for mobile machines such as cranes, agricultural, forestry or municipal vehicles, concrete pumps, but also in lubrication systems, restraint systems, microhydraulics and many other hydraulic applications.

Hebekran in der Hydraulikbranche

And last but not least, the valve magnets are approved for special use, e.g. in construction machinery or drilling equipment in explosive atmospheres and environments where there is a risk of firedamp, in accordance with international guidelines.

The variety of specific designs is always based on customer requirements.
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Fields of application

Proportional directional spool valves Type PSL

Proportionalwegeschieber Typ PSL

Proportional directional spool valves belong to the group of directional control valves. They control the direction of movement and the speed of one or more simultaneously actuated hydraulic consumers. The control is load-independent and stepless.


Robust, durable electromagnet with pressure-resistant armature tube for operating pressure of 320 bar in different sizes 25/35/45/60. With integrated manual emergency switch. Pressure-tight anchor tube. Low hysteresis.

Hydraulic axial piston pump


The axial piston pump type V60N is designed for open circuits in mobile hydraulics and works according to the swash plate principle. It is optionally available with a shaft drive to work in series with other hydraulic pumps.


Highest power density with compact dimensions. Two separately controllable robust single lifting magnets. Optionally with manual emergency and various connection sockets.

Trimm Tilt system

Sys PowerTrimTilt Abbildung

Hydraulic systems are preferably used for the steering, trim or tilt systems on sports boats.

Ventilsteuermagnet robust 37

Robust, long-lasting electromagnet for use in oil hydraulics, operating pressures from 100 bar to 350 bar in different sizes and the associated forces. Manual emergency switch on request.

Other industries

For small series, flexible Kanban-controlled assembly islands are used – for larger series, efficient assembly lines.

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