Solenoid valve armature + coil

The two-part design of removable excitation coil and solenoid tube (also called pressure tube, guide tube or armature) is extremely easy to repair thanks to the separation of mechanics and electrics.

Its core piece is the pressure-resistant magnet tube. It serves as a guide for the moving armature and is attached to the valve via a central thread or a mounting plate.


All advantages and variants at a glance:


  • Diameter 19 mm
  • Lengths from 79 mm – 94.5 mm
  • Working stroke from 1 -3 mm
  • Magnetic force 65 N to 140 N


  • shockproof up to 500 bar
  • Working stroke 1mm – 3mm
  • Magnetic force 65 N to 140 N
Solenoid tube 19 mmlong strokeshort strokeproportionalhigh pressureair-operated
Pressure-tight up to [bar]350350350500/
Working stroke [mm]1,81312,6
Pushing versionxxxxx
Magnetic force [N] (Exc. coil 47 x 47)1101406514075
Force vs. stroke diagram
Excitation coil37 x 3747 x 47
Duty cycle [%]100100
Insulation classF1
Output [W]3-303-30
Voltage [V]12-23012-230
Connector socketDIN-AAMP-JuniorDeutschCannon-CADESINA M12X1
IP protection class DIN EN 60529 (protection class with connector fitted)IP 65IP 67IP 67IP 67IP 67

Fields of application

mobile hydraulics

Hebekran in der Hydraulikbranche

Agriculture / Forestry


Medical technology

Meditintechnik titelblatt

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