The Deep Water Horizon disaster off the Florida coast is not just a matter for the legal system, but has had direct effects on the safety requirements of technical equipment on offshore drilling platforms. For areas in which flammable gases, vapors and liquids such as for example

acetyls can regularly occur under normal operating conditions,  equipment use has been restricted to such devices as are certified according to IECEx or ATEX.

Under certain conditions, testing equipment to see if it meets US standards has become a legal condition within a very short period of just a few months. We have been able to give renewed proof of our high performance and flexibility in obtaining local approvals world-wide, by adjusting the design and construction of the valve control solenoids to meet local requirements and in obtaining in record time both the required US auditing of our EX production range, as well as the required certificates for the most highly endangered group, the Class I Division 1.