Proportional Steuermagnet

Proportional solenoid PDA 035x 0yy

Proportional solenoids for hydraulic valves – size 35

Square solenoid in proven, robust and durable design. Surrounded by a solid square housing attached to the valve with four screws, this pressure-resistant armature tube withstands an operating pressure of 320 bar.

The armature has high-quality, low-friction bearings and can be operated via the integrated manual override in the event of a malfunction.

Electrical design: construction and testing according to VDE 0580
Electrical connection: DIN EN 175301-803
Protection class according to DIN VDE 0470, EN 60529


All advantages and variants at a glance:


  • Device socket: DIN / AMP / German / free stranded wire
  • Voltage in volts: 12 / 24 volts
  • Tappet with thread or clevis
  • Square design
  • Manual override

2. Ex and NON- Ex Variants

This proportional solenoid is also available as Explosion-proof device available.


  • high power density due to square housing design
  • pressure resistant up to 320 bar
  • Stroke max. 4 mm
  • Working stroke 2 mm
  • small hysteresis
  • Duty cycle 100% ED



  • Hand emergency switch
  • durable robust design
  • Compact size
  • Power 11.8 watts
  • Current consumption 0.7 a – 1.3 A
Bauplan Proportionalmagnet PDA 35
Type code Proportionalmagnet PDA 35
Technische Daten24 V12 V
duty cycle [%]100100
max. ambient temperature [C°]5050
static working pressure [bar]320320
total stroke [mm]44
working stroke [mm]22
force hysteresis [%]~ 5.5~ 5.5
current hysteresis [%]~ 5~ 5
nominal resistance [Ω]247
nominal current [A]0.71.3
limit current [A]0.71.3
nominal output [W]11.811.8
limit output [W]17.417.7
armature weight [kg]0.0370.037
total weight [kg]0.470.47
ingress protection ratingIP65IP65
inductance [mH]7221
thermal class (coil)FF
Diagramme Proportionalmagnet PDA 035x 0yy

Fields of applications



mobil hydraulics

Hebekran in der Hydraulikbranche


beladener Schifftransporter fährt

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