Ventilsteuermagnet robust 37

Valve Solenoid On/Off Robust 37

The size 37 pressure-resistant magnet is characterized by its exceptional reliability under critical operating conditions.

Extreme ambient and process temperatures from -40 to +135 °C

Strong vibrations 40 g

Large fluctuations in the supply voltage

The four point valve fastening is designed to secure the solenoids reliably and safely even in the presence of strong vibrations. The reduced anchor mass is designed to guarantee safe operation of the valve even at 40 g (11 ms, half-sine).

Tailored for mobile applications, the coil is designed to be able to perform lifting work even at 25% undervoltage. Thanks to appropriate lay-out design and material choice, the coil temperature will remain at uncritical levels even at 30% overvoltage.

Dimensions: 25x25mm, 35x35mm, 45x45mm, 60x60mm

The technical data can be found in the attached table.


All advantages and variants at a glance:


  • Device socket: DIN / AMP / German / free strand
  • Voltage in volts: 12 / 24
  • Threaded plunger
  • Square construction

2. Ex and NON- Ex Variants

This proportional solenoid is also available as an explosion-proof device.


  • high power density due to square housing design
  • extreme temperatures -40 to +135 °C
  • compact size
  • Shock resistant 50g/11ms


  • high voltage tolerance 18 -32 V
  • Power consumption 8 W
  • Switching time < 25 ms
Bauplan On/off Robust 37
Diagramm On/off Robust 37
Environmental conditions
medium:-40° to +135 °C
environment:-40° to +135 °C
stock:-50° to +135 °C
cable / plug:-50° to +150 °C
humidity:≤ 98 % rel. humidity at 55 °C
white noise:30 g rms (10 to 2000 Hz)
sine:30 g (55,7 to 2000 Hz)
shock:50 g/11 ms, half-sine
protection type (DIN 40050):IP69 K; IP67
wear resistance of housing material:Iron parts galvanized according to DIN 50979 Fe//Zn8//Cn//T0 aluminium components bl elox.
housing / cable wear resistance:Lubricating oil, diesel fuel, coolant, detergent
Technical data
duty cycle [%]100
max. ambient temperature [C°]40
working stroke [mm]1,5+0,5
nominal power [W]8
nominal voltage [V]24
ingress protection ratingIP69K / IP 67
thermal class (coil)F
electrical connectioncable
surface protectionconeical cover and housing zinc-coated
medium:Mineral oil
nominal pressure:100 bar
Electrical data
operating voltage:24 V DC. Voltage tolerance 18-32 V
power consumption:8 W
Resistance (ohm, 20°C):72 (+10%/-10%)
duty cycle:Magnet or V-Block ambient temp. 135 °C S3 30 % ED 5 min at 30V, 15 min at 32 V & 20 °C
quenching circuit:Varistor S10V-S07K50
cable entry:Bolting
electrical connection:fixed
class of insulating material according to VDE 0580:F
insulation strength:≥ 10 M Ohm
overvoltage strength:55 V / 100 ms
actuation time:≤ 25 ms
requirements:MIL-STD 461E (2007), VG 95373, depending on plug and cable
Installation info
installation position:any
position of magnet to valve body:selectable in 90 degree position
connection:Cable tail with 3-pole plug M12x1 according to EN 60947-5-2
Mechanical data
tensile strength:> 100 N at 23 °C and 100 °C

Fields of applications

mobile hydraulics

Hebekran in der Hydraulikbranche



medical technology

Meditintechnik titelblatt

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