DC Holding Solenoid

DC holding solenoids are shielded solenoids with an open magnetic circuit that, when activated, allows the system to adhere to ferromagnetic parts.

When the voltage is deactivated, the adhering part detaches immediately. The forces of magnetism work regardless of surface characteristics, dimensions and the magnetic properties of adhering parts. Holding solenoids have rising solenoid force/stroke characteristic curves.

  • Solenoids are supplied with free cable ends (with DIN VDE 0470/EN 60529 – IP20 protection).

Inductive vibration
sensor ATEX

Our ATEX approved motion sensor converts mechanical vibrations into electrical signals. This signal can be used for example in a jogging unit to control the mechanical vibration frequency and amplitude.

The ATEX certified sensor complies with II 2D Ex mb IIIC and has therefore been especially developed for dusty atmospheres. The sensor, as a separate armature/coil unit, forms an excellent platform for customer-specific adaptations.

Solenoid – guided axis

The term lifting cylinder may not be correct, however it does describe the area of application of this solenoid both simply and suitably.

Wherever a pneumatic cylinder is too expensive and too technically demanding, this very compact solenoid is used.

The following features distinguish it from the crowd:

  • its speed
  • low end-position pulse
  • its easy controlability
  • simple and compact build

Thanks to a guided axis it is suitable for the direct fitting of tools, e.g. a pinch roller.

Valve solenoid
on/off Robust 37

The pressure-proof Robust 37 solenoid stands out thanks to its exceptional reliability under critical operating conditions.

  • Extreme ambient und process temperatures of -40 to +135 °C
  • Strong vibrations 40 g
  • Large fluctuations in supply voltage

The four point valve fastening is designed to secure the solenoids reliably and safely even in the presence of strong vibrations. The reduced anchor mass is designed to guarantee safe operation of the valve even at 40 g (11 ms, half-sine).

Tailored for mobile applications, the coil is designed to be able to perform lifting work even at 25% undervoltage. Thanks to appropriate lay-out design and material choice, the coil temperature will remain at uncritical levels even at 30% overvoltage.