HLA DC holding magnet

Holding Magnets are pot magnets and consist of a magnet housing and a DC excited coil.

These are DC holding solenoids, which are shielded solenoids with an open magnetic circuit, which allows the system to adhere to ferromagnetic objects when activated. The coil is encapsulated with cast resin (IP65 protection). The complete magnet housing including holding surface is galvanized. This increases the holding forces by approx. For devices with a bare pole surface, the holding force  is approx. 10% lower. The magnets are attached via a central thread on the back of the housing.

The magnetic circuit, which is open when switched on, enables ferromagnetic workpieces to be held or clamped. When the applied voltage is switched off, the workpiece to be held falls off. Remanences can be avoided by sticking on a non-magnetic foil.


Alle Vorteile und Varianten auf einem Blick:


  • Cable plug: free stranded wire

2. Ex and NON- Ex Variants

This holding solenoid is also available as explosion proof device.


  • durable robust design
  • very long lifespan
  • Duty cycle from 5% – 100% ED
Haftmagnet Bauplan
Technische Daten:
Dimensions:25-100 mm
Solenoid force:150-3700 N
Voltage:12-110 VDC for dimensions 25-30 mm
12-250 VDC for dimensions 40-100 mm
Insulation class:F/155 °C
Nenn Anschlussspannung:24 V DC
Relative Einschaltdauer:100 % ED
Isolierstoffklasse:F nach VDE 0580
Schutzart:IP64 nach DIN 40050
Elektrischer Anschluss:IP00 freie Kabelenden

Installation drawing with dimensions:

HLA 025E 02425202212M46
HLA 030E 02430252516M56
HLA 040E 02440263423M58
HLA 050E 02450324422M58
HLA 060E 02460365229M810
HLA 080E 02480447044M812
HLA 100E 024100508457M1015
TypenbezeichnungHaftfläche in mmMagnetkraft in NMindestankerplsttendickeNennleistung in W
HLA 025E 024251504,02,5
HLA 030E 024302804,53,0
HLA 040E 024402505,54,0
HLA 050E 024507508,07,0
HLA 060E 0246014009,58,5
HLA 080E 02480280011,515,4
HLA 100E 024100370013,521,0

Special sizes on request

Fields of application

Energy Industry



Automation Fließband



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