Solenoid – guided axis

The magnet size 37

The designation lifting cylinder is not correct, but it describes the field of application of this solenoid as simply as aptly.
Wherever a pneumatic cylinder is too expensive and technically too demanding, this very compact magnet is used.


All advantages and variants at a glance


  •  Cable plug: DIN / AMP / free stranded wire
  • voltage in volts: 24
  • round design
  • plunger with thread M4

2. Ex and NON- Ex Variants

This proportional solenoid is also available as explosion proof device.


  • simple and compact construction diameter 47 mm
  • low end position pulse > 50 g
  • speed < 40 ms


Thanks to a guided axis, it is suitable for the direct installation of tools, e.g. a pressure roller, for example.

Bauzeichnung geführte Achse
force vs. stroke diagramm geführte achse
Technische Daten
voltage:24 V
duty cycle [%]:20 (without current limit)
max. ambient temperature [C°]40
actuation time:
with boost current
< 40 msec
fall time:
dependent on protective circuit
< 100 msec
mass to be moved:< 50 g
transverse force:< 5 N
lift:> 10 mm (limitable)
mediums:Cleaning agent/condensed water
protection type:Dependent on chosen electrical connection
fastening:2 * M4
connection:500 mm pig tail

Fields of application


Automation Fließband

Energy industry


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