single stroke solenoid SLA 065x yyy

Square lifting magnet size 65

The force-current characteristics have enormous force capabilities and can be adapted to customer-specific demands. The axis is workable as a valve plunger or an M8 thread axis.

Applications including water valves, water hydraulics, high pressure valves or other mechanical tasks with high power requirements. The mechanically and electrically robust construction guarantees a long lifespan and reliable operation, even in adverse environmental conditions.

For devices of this series, we offer extensive benefits even from medium lot sizes, like for example individual identification by serial number, with access to the inspection protocol.

Dimensions: 65 x 65 mm in two power levels: 60 W and 19 W.

The technical data can be obtained from the attached table or diagram.


All advantages and variants at a glance:


  • Device socket: DIN / AMP / Desina / free strand
  • Voltage in volts: 12 to 205
  • Tappets with thread or fork head
  • square construction

2. Ex and NON- Ex Variants

This simple lifting magnet is also available as an explosion-proof device.


  • high power output 19 W or 60 W
  • Enormous force progression up to 350 N
  • compact design


  • maintenance-free due to special storage
  • long durability
  • short switching times
Hubmagnet 065 bauplan
Hubmagnet SLA 065
Hubmagnet diagramm
Technische Daten
duty cycle [%]100
max. ambient temperature [C°]40
working stroke [mm]6±0,8
nominal power [W]60
nominal voltage [V]12 - 205
ingress protection ratingIP 65
thermal class (coil)F
electrical connectionDIN A, B, C, AMP, DT, Desina usw.
surface protectionconeical cover and housing zinc-coated

Fields of application

wind power


mobile hydraulics

Hebekran in der Hydraulikbranche

energy technology


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