Hubmagnet Größe 80

Single stroke solenoid SLA 080x yy

linear solenoid size 80 mm

Our single-acting solenoids are available in various designs, they are designed for either pulling or pushing actuation. The plunger must be returned to the initial position by external force and is mounted in maintenance-free precision bearings, which ensures a long service life. It is important that the force is dissipated axially Electrical design: Design and testing according to VDE 0580 Electrical connection:
DIN EN 175301-803
Protection class according to DIN VDE 0470, EN 60529


All advantages and variants at a glance


  • Device socket: DIN / AMP / German / free stranded wire
  • Voltage in volts: 12 /up to 205 V
  • Plunger with thread or clevis
  • Round design

2. Ex and NON- Ex Variants

This holding solenoid is also available as explosion-proof device.


  • high power consumption up to 90 watts
  • powerful strokes over 12 mm
  • maximum duty cycle ED 40%


  • Armature guided in wear-free bearings
  • maintenance-free, thus long service life
  • short switching times
Bauzeichnung SLA 080
Type code SLA 80
Diagramm SLA 080x yyy
Technische Daten
duty cycle [%]40
max. ambient temperature [C°]40
working stroke [mm]12±0,6/-0,4
nominal power [W]90
nominal voltage [V]12 - 205
ingress protection ratingIP 67
thermal class (coil)F
electrical connectionDIN A
surface protectionconeical cover and housing zinc-coated

Application areas

Food industry


Automation technology

Automation Fließband

Packaging industry


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