Our switching magnets from Schienle can be used in a wide variety of areas and are among our most popular products due to their compactness.

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The different switching magnets from Schienle

Valve Solenoid On/Off Robust 37

pressure-resistant magnet size 37

Switching solenoids On/OFF

Switching magnets with pressure-resistant core tube up to 350 bar

Solenoid valve | Switching magnet

Schienle – Your partner for switching magnets

With more than 40 years of experience, Schienle Magnettechnik offers professional and robust linear drive solutions as an internationally established provider. Our focus is on the highest quality and individual consultation, as each of our products can be produced in customer- and industry-specific variants. Together with our partners, we develop and certify innovative customer-specific electromagnet solutions and are at your side as a competent contact.

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A switchable electromagnet allows you to switch between two states On / OFF. Switching magnets have a wide range of applications. They are produced in various sizes and shapes, depending on the area of application.

Switching magnets are mainly used for hydraulic directional or seat valves, but numerous other applications can also be found. They can be used both horizontally and vertically. They are therefore primarily used in the areas of
pneumatics, mobile hydraulics and medical technology. Switching magnets are mainly used for hydraulic directional or seat valves, but numerous other applications can also be found. They can be used both horizontally and vertically. They are therefore primarily used in the areas of pneumatics, mobile hydraulics and medical technology.

Application in the field of pneumatics

Our magnets are mainly used in pneumatic and hydropneumatic applications, for example

  • for precise preparation of compressed air,
  • so that rail vehicles come to a precise stop or
  • to control vacuum pumps and compressors.

Application in the field of mobile hydraulics

In the field of hydraulics, our customers rely on switching and valve magnets, as they are ideal

  • for use in drilling rigs and construction machinery in explosive atmospheres and/or environments with extreme conditions such as heat or cold,
  • for trim, tilt and steering systems in sports boats,
  • for controlling lubrication and retention systems and concrete pumps as well as
  • to electrically operate mobile machines such as cranes, forestry, agricultural and municipal vehicles.

Application in the field of medical technology

Our magnets are also used in medical applications, for example to ensure smooth and jerk-free movements, e.g. in lifting columns for operating tables or for the smooth lowering, lifting and positioning of dentist chairs.

A switching magnet typically consists of two outer magnets and a rotatable magnet mounted in the middle with an axis of rotation perpendicular to the load. If the poles are on one side, there is a strong magnetic field. On the other hand, by rotating one side to the north and south pole, the magnetic field is greatly reduced. The holding force in both Newton and kilograms is used as a characteristic.

However, the specified holding force is only achieved if the magnet base is on a flat or cylindrical surface, as unevenness reduces the magnetic flux and the holding force is greatly reduced as a result.

Solenoid valve

Our pressure-resistant magnet size 37 is characterized above all by its high reliability, even under critical and extreme operating conditions. The four-point valve mounting is designed so that the magnet can be securely attached even in the case of strong vibrations. The reduced armature mass thus ensures a reliable operation of the valve (shock-resistant even at 40 g/11 ms).

In addition, the coil, which is tailored to mobile applications, was specially designed so that it can realize lifting work even at 25 percent undervoltage.

Switching magnet

Our switching magnet with pressure-resistant core tube

up to 350 bar was specially designed for use in oil hydraulics, which is why they optionally have a manual emergency operation and various electrical connector types (also MIL solutions). The force-current characteristic curve with increasing delivery height can also be adapted to customer-specific requirements – please feel free to contact us and we will advise you in detail.


The electrically and mechanically robust design also ensures a long service life and safe and reliable operation – even under extreme environmental conditions.

For magnets of this series, we offer extensive advantages from medium lot sizes, such as individual identification via the serial number with access to the test protocol. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

Like lifting magnets , switching magnets offer a variety of advantages, depending on the field of application. However, they are particularly popular thanks to

  • their low weight and compact size, making them suitable for small machines,
  • a quick and precise mounting possibility,
    their high tensile force and numerous combination possibilities,
    a low hysteresis (after-effect),
  • their property of being freely positioned (no T-slots are needed) and can be used on the right and left side,
  • the uniform and optimal contact pressure,
    the high work safety,
  • their reliability even under extreme ambient and process temperatures from -40 to +135 °C
  • their adhesive property on all ferromagnetic surfaces,
  • the simple switching on and off of the magnetic field,
  • a lower need for neodymium-iron-boron as well as
  • the relatively smaller decrease in holding force with thin materials.

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